Springfield Manor Revisited

Springfield Manor Winery and Distillery, Thurmont Maryland

Springfield Manor Winery and Distillery, Thurmont Maryland

Almost a year ago (July 13th to be exact) I wrote the post below after spending a lovely afternoon at the newly opened Springfield Manor Winery. While there, we learned that plans were made to put in a Distillery  to compliment the Winery. I’m happy to report that the Distillery is in currently making Pear and two different Apple Brandies that can be sampled and purchased to take home. There’s also plans for more liquors to be distilled too!

Again, my favorite wine tasted was  the Ironmaster Reserve (actually I like the regular Ironmaster a lot as well).  We also repeated getting the large meat and cheese platter which is still huge and the same price as last summer.  When you visit, if you get Chris as a pourer you won’t be disappointed. This young man is extremely knowledgeable and holds a treasure trove of information about the Winery. The Patio area filled with umbrella clad tables is quite large and typically on weekends you can listen to live music.

Springfield Manor is a perfect venue for weddings and from what I understand, it can accommodate both small and large events, rustic or formal. This visit, I got to see a Wedding Party getting pictures taken in the Lavender field where the flowers were just starting to bloom….so beautiful!

In addition to having another exceptional experience at the Winery, I’m thrilled to report that Zoey the Zebra and Zack the Zonkey were happily grazing in the pasture across the way. What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

The Post from July 2014:

Headline: Zebra hunter discovers Winery instead!

The Lavender Fields of Springfield Manor Winery

The Lavender Fields of Springfield Manor Winery




Zebra? Donkey? Both – The Frederick News-Post : Archive.

Having adult children who live in Washington DC, I find myself traveling a familiar stretch of US Route 15 a lot. For the last few years as I made my jaunts to DC, I swore I saw out of the corner of my eye what looked like a Zebra in one of the farm pastures around Thurmont Maryland. On one occasion I was absolutely sure that I saw a zebra so I googled the darn thing and sure enough, Zoey the Zebra indeed resides along Rt. 15!

Generous Cheese and Meats can be found at Springfield Manor Winery

Generous Cheese and Meats can be found at Springfield Manor Winery

On a trip a few months ago while my husband was driving I was determined to get a glimpse of Zoey as I hadn’t seen her for quite a while (read the article in the link above and you’ll find out why….a zonkey, who knew?). To my dismay, Zoey was no where to be found but as I turned my head my eyes beheld another exciting sight….the grand opening of Springfield Manor Winery and Distillery! Immediately I knew what our next day trip would be.
Springfield Manor sits along Route 15 as well, but is far back on somewhat of a hill so the traffic sounds aren’t noticeable. I found the wines quite good with the Ironmaster Reserve being my favorite (and the most expensive of course). On this particular Saturday they were offering pre-made platters of meat and/or cheese. We got a large one which was way too much for two people so we actually took home a doggie bag which is definitely a first for us. The weather was perfect which made sitting outside ideal, but I must say the tasting room while somewhat small is quite nice.
The most unique aspect of this winery is the lovely Lavender Field which is a prominent part of this venue. You can pick it, have it in lemonade, buy T-shirts with pictures of it or be like me and just frolic in the field much to the amusement of my husband. I love the fragrance of Lavender!
What a great day trip for anyone who lives within an hour radius of Thurmont. I plan to visit again soon and hope that Zoey and baby Zach will be out to pasture next time!

The Patio at Springfield Manor

The Patio at Springfield Manor

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