50 Musings + 1

The Lemon Pepper Trout at Cracker Barrel is pretty good. Get the Country Platter rather then the Fancy Fixins’. No one needs three sides.Edit: Just got curbside delivery. The Trout is just that good!

Some veggies and fruits in my Misfits box are mis fitted more than others. Edit: I don’t get Misfits boxes anymore because of an awful experience of a box of veggies arriving way, way too late that ended up amounting to literally a box of garbage.

Thank goodness I can now get mini avocados. Regular size avocados are a perfect example of too much of a good thing. Edit: Still a thing with me. While right now avocados are priced low and I’m preparing for the masses again, the mini version are perfect for the single serving eater which is me 80% of the time.

Stouts and Porters should really have peanut butter, coffee or chocolate in them. Edit: Troegs has a Stout with Chocolate available at my local distributor right now….light enough to still work on a coolish evening outdoors after dark!

Vodka can be infused with practically anything but nasturtiums is still my favorite. Edit: My crop of Nasturtiums is coming along. Just this week I used the leaves to make mini quiches for a dozen or so of my strong widows and allies club.

Olives, especially green, are one of the best things to eat. Edit: Every Martini, every egg salad and every Chicken Tagine recipe should have green olives.

There is definitely a possibility of too much garlic. Edit: 40 Cloves Garlic Chicken. Trust me, 30 will be fine.

Constant Comment should be designated as the world’s best tea bag. Edit: No change here although I will offer up Lady Grey as a stellar alternative. That being said, COVID-19 lockdown opened me up to to David’s and Augusta Teas.

Speaking of tea, always bring your water to a boil first. Edit: Duh!

There are only three really, really good flavors of salt water taffy: banana, peppermint and peanut butter. A related fact is that Banana Laffy Taffy is almost perfect. Edit: No change here

Chicken thighs are much more flavorful than chicken breasts. Edit: This goes for tried and true recipes that pre COVID I would’ve used 100% breasts. Thighs add the flavor I tell y’a!

It’s a toss up which is better, Skittles or Starbursts. Edit: Only change here is that our dear Alex Lofgren lost his life in April and I’m told that the Berry flavor Skittles were his favorite so hence forth I have a bias.

Risotto is worth the wait. Edit: Clearly, yet pre and post COVID I have “cheating recipes” that work just fine.

Ham goes with Swiss just like Turkey goes with Cheddar. Edit: I’ve re-thought this during lockdown: Swiss holds up to almost any meat any sandwiches.

Most Cabot cheese varieties are lactose free. Edit: True yesterday, true today…. Cabot has rocked the lactose free world.

Almond Extract is superior to Vanilla Extract but it’s fun to make Vanilla Extract with Bourbon. Edit: No doubt. My eyes have been opened to the world of gluten free baking where almond flour rules supreme.

Speaking of Bourbon, most brown liquors are awful to drink. Edit: No obvious change here with the exception that brown liquors can enhance a rich dessert.

All creamy crab soups should have sherry in them. Same goes for mushroom soup. Edit: Again, duh???

Everything Bagel Seasoning is a thing. Edit: It is and I use it often.

Red Wine is the nectar of Gods. Edit: Weird to admit, but I drink an a lot of dry Rose now.

McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes should be available year round. Likewise, Chicken McNuggets should not be available at all. Edit: Obviously no change here. Much like DJT, Chicken McNuggets should be considered irrelevant.

Capon is a big old bird therefore it should never be eaten. Edit: A perfect place to again tout the marvelousness of chicken thighs and also provide a shout-out to duck confit.

Lorna Doones are the best packaged cookies money can buy. Edit: At the time I forgot about Vienna Fingers

Just because you’re bad at baking doesn’t make you a bad person. Edit: This has to be true or I am doomed.

Why can’t someone else always pare my butternut squash. A related thing, I wish someone called me Butternut. Edit: Thankfully I have only on two occasions pared my own butternut in the last 18 months. Grocers have risen to the call that we want our butternut already cubed. Thanks you-know-who for calling me butternut.

Charcuterie is fun to say. Hors d’œuvre is not and it’s hard to spell. Edit: another duh!

I don’t know why stewed tomatoes go with Mac and Cheese but I glad they do. Edit: Why do I love canned tomatoes of all kind so much?

A well prepared Hot Dog should be considered a gourmet food. Edit: Oh my just this week a Boarshead uncured Beef Hot Dog with fresh kraut, onion and mustard…..perfection.

Dukes isn’t the best mayonnaise to use when making chicken salad. Edit: Kraft Real Mayonnaise is.

Capers are the most underrated thing that comes in a jar. Edit: Yeah.

To be honest, I like regular yellow mustard better than Dijon. I’m not proud of that. Edit: Pride takes on all kinds of traits. I’m proud of my kids. I’m proud to be a Dem. Heck I’m proud of my resilience BUT with mustard, I’m just proud to call yellow mustard my home.

I have no Italian DNA, but my lasagne is really, really good. Edit: True statement. I made a vegetarian version around Pat’s birthday that coincided with meatless Monday…. For some reason I have a lock on lasagna making.

My best work friend and I love to spread butter on Saltine crackers. Edit: Yeah so that became a thing as if we we weren’t the first two to put butter on saltines. Seems a little fishy to me.

Nori just tastes like the ocean. Edit: Obvs no change here, nori does taste exactly like ocean water. Always has always will.

Someone should write a cookbook with recipes filled with what you can do with Cheese Curls. Edit: Maybe me!

Does anyone eat Bugles anymore? Edit: Still no clear answer.

If you eat gummi bears while drinking red wine you’ve made sangria in your mouth. Edit: Just gave a tutorial on this on Tuesday night.

Sherried Cream Mushrooms should be on everyone’s Thanksgiving table. Edit: So many duhs!

I love cottage cheese. Anyone else? No apple butter though! Edit: Savory Sundaes became a thing during the pandemic. I like to think thanks to me.

Breakfast is my least favorite meal of the day. Unless it’s Brunch, then it’s my favorite. Edit: Brunch, yum!

I wish I could cook a meal for whoever I wanted to. Edit: I love that things have opened up so my cooking guest list has also widened BUT I still need YOU on it.

Wraps are not as good as sandwiches. And they’re no better for you. Get over it. Edit: True as ever.

When Trump ate a taco salad it made me hate them. Edit: I’ve gotten over this because a good taco salad goes above and beyond what Trump stood for.

Enchiladas are the very best as long as they’re cheesy. Edit: Yes, always cheesy.

All steaks should be cooked at medium, preferably medium rare. Well done is not well done. Edit: So very many duhs!

Before a dance in high school we all ordered the fried shrimp. No one knew whether to use utensils or our fingers. I took the lead and dove in with my fingers. I’m proud of that. Edit: Now I say fingers, fingers everywhere. Utensils are overrated.

I’d rather have a hamburger than a steak. Still medium or medium rare. Edit: Forget the medium. Medium rare is where it’s at.

Clear liquors rule. Edit: With the exception of Bourbon Crème from the Tarnished Truth Distillery.

Salmon can be delicious if prepared correctly. Barramundi is more forgiving but delicious as well. Edit: Yes and by done correctly I mean Salmon must be moist and semi rare in the middle.

Shrimp can be awful if it has that weird taste. Edit: I’m told that weird taste is an additive known as “pump” in the biz.

Yellow cake with chocolate icing is the truest birthday cake there ever was. Edit: Surely no one has an argument with this.