Who’s Tailgate was Boss?

A Ladies Tailgate from Baltimore

A Ladies Tailgate from Baltimore

The Tailgate I attended

The Tailgate I attended

I went to the Bruce Springsteen Concert the other night. The tailgate prior to the concert became fodder for my next Blog post not to mention a perfect way to meet folks! When you think about it, a concert tailgate inherently is different from a sporting event tailgate. First off, everyone is cheering for the same team…in this case Bruce and the E Street Band! A Springsteen concert makes it even more interesting in that the age span at his concerts is huge. I saw parents who brought their 9 year old kids and I saw sweet couples in their seventies. My advanced age of 50 something was the median range which was just fine with me.

Likewise, the tailgates I visited were as varied as the concert attendees. I’ll admit up front, I only wandered a little ways down the lane we were parked in. Folks were just that friendly and more than willing to share their tailgating expertise so I didn’t get too far before it was time to pack up and get into the concert venue. Let me comment on the adult beverages of choice first….Beer, Wine and Vodka….in that order (my guess that order will change at the Jimmy Buffet concert. Margaritas anyone?). The tailgate I was actually part of (hosted by Tritty…Thanks) like many, included a grill. The entrée of choice like many other grilling tailgaters was Burgers and Brats. My Brat was fabulous and only made better with my one and only glass of Chardonnay.

Now time to see the world through the eyes of tailgaters in parking location 37-27! I stopped first to speak to Erin and 3 other female companions from the Baltimore area. Their Tailgate had an air of sophistication about it(shown above). As far as I’m concerned Brie, Boursin and hummus screams “I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman! To add an exclamation point to that fact, the ladies chose to include “Loose Cannon” at their tailgate- The flagship beer from Heavy Seas Brewery in Halethrope MD.

Next I stopped by a Cigar smoking, beer drinking tailgate. To my relief, I found after talking to Pattie from Hazelton there was indeed more substance to their tailgate in the form of Pizza and Tito’s Vodka.

Hands down the most impressive tailgate menu goes to Frank and Mario from New Jersey. I’m told they’ve actually been featured for their tailgating acumen previously at a Bon Jovi concert. When I visited, the only entrée on the grill was burgers, however I quickly was shown what came next….Marinated Shrimp and Beef Filet! These guys sported a full bar as well, encouraging especially the females to take a nip (thanks for the orange vodka shot, guys).

The night wrapped up with a amazing performance by the totally electrifying Bruce Springsteen. This was my 3rd Boss concert and probably the best although there was something missing…..prayforjackie.

One thought on “Who’s Tailgate was Boss?

  1. Becky Snyder DiRosa says:

    When our VA crew trekked to PA to the Paul McCartney concert in Hershey with early handicap access, we stumbled upon tailgaters grilling up all kinds of goodies and sloshing drinks in the parking lot. They informed us that their parking fee afforded them the audio portion of the concert and it was the best deal around as they were lounging listening to Paul’s sound checks and ready to hunker down for the next few hours of live audio Paul. Now, why didn’t I think of that? With tix and food we dropped $1000 as a group. All worth it in the end as my niece and her daughter were tapped by Sir Paul’s security to relocate to stage front in the pit for the entire concert. I actually scored their tix for them….Oh bla di bla da…..


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